The Alien Invasion #77 – Species 8675309


On The Alien Invasion #77…We do some Google Earth investigating. Angsty aliens coming to a TV near you. Looking for the galactic laser Internet. And we take a look at the only race the Borg are afraid of.

*  Alien Pyramid appears at Area 51.

Star-Crossed Blends Aliens, Teen Angst For Sci-Fi Romance.

* NASA Scientist to Scour Kepler Data in Search of Alien Technologies.

* This week’s pick, The Darwin Elevator.

* We talk about Species 8472 from the TV show Star Trek: Voyager in the “Creature Feature.”

* And, our picks;

The 1996 Doctor Who made for TV movie.

The iOS game Lunacraft

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Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson

Originally from Minnesota in the United States, Dave has lived all over.  He currently makes his home in Ottawa, Ontario Canada where he lives with his wife and stepdaughter.  Dave works as an on-air announcer at Boom 99-7 (CJOT.) One of his first sci-fi memories was that of watching Star Trek the original series in reruns on Sunday mornings so, as you can imagine, that made quite the impression and was one of the inspirations for founding the Galactic Netcasts network in 2011. You can hear Dave on The Alien Invasion, The SciFi Geeks Club and Weird World Weekly podcasts. Follow him on Twitter @davenelsonvoice