Dark Futures Blog #2 – Aftermath review, Dystopian novel California, Swedish post-apocalyptic store and was The Lottery any good?


Aftermath: The Hollywood Reporter film review

Considering the number of times that movie-goers have been forced to experience the end of world, it’s a wonder that any of them still have the will to get up in the morning. The latest example of this increasingly tired genre is Aftermath (originally titled Remnants), about a group of strangers huddling together in a farmhouse cellar after a nuclear apocalypse. As it soon becomes clear, they’re slowly dying of radiation poisoning, an experience probably not unlike sitting through this listlessly slow-paced exercise.

Read more at this link http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/aftermath-film-review-718981


Couple makes a dangerous journey in the dystopian novel California

The dystopian future envisioned so darkly in Edan Lepucki’s chilling first novel doesn’t involve nuclear armageddon or zombies. The world hasn’t ended in fire or ice.  Disintegration of society has been slow, steady, irrevocable. Money, gas and oil are in short supply. Goods are limited, stores ransacked. Crime is rampant.

Frida and Cal, Lepucki’s young married protagonists, choose to flee, escaping the wreckage of Los Angeles — shuttered stores and restaurants, overgrown parks, people starving on the streets — for the wilderness beyond.

Read more at this link http://www.miamiherald.com/2014/07/18/4241430/worlds-end.html


‘My dream is to open a post-apocalyptic store’

Fredrik Qvarnström, owner of an online survival shop, talks to Swedish English news site The Local about being a “prepper” in Sweden and what to have in your bunker when the end is nigh.

Although the term prepping is fairly new, the concept has always been around. The modern version of the phenomenon prepping originated in the 1970’s America and is an offshoot of the survivalist movement. In short, it is about making sure you have everything you need in case disaster hits, whether it be minor power cuts or a zombie invasion.

Read more at this link http://www.thelocal.se/20140715/my-dream-is-to-open-a-post-apocalyptic-fashion-store


Lifetime’s The Lottery: Did It Deliver?

Children are the future. So what happens when there are only a few of them left and everyone on Earth is infertile and childless? That’s what Lifetimes’s The Lottery (which premiered Sunday night) hopes to explore.

If the premise sounds vaguely familiar, that’s because the series’ creator is none other than Timothy J. Sexton, the man who co-wrote Children of Men, a dystopic science-fiction film that investigated the same idea – only The Lottery is set a few years earlier, in 2025.

Read more at this link http://tvline.com/2014/07/20/the-lottery-series-premiere-recap-review-lifetime/

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