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On this edition of The Splash Page; what is Charles Soule & Leinil Yu working on during Secret Wars, who is joining CBS’s Supergirl as a DC Baddie, what Marvel comic is the newest to be a movie, when is Cap 3 starting to film, and the latest episode of The Nightly Show talked about nerd fandoms.


The original “Civil War” by Mark Millar and Steve McNiven was a major success for Marvel in 2006 and 2007 — and with the incoming “Secret Wars” event prompting Marvel to revisit many of its past stories, a new “Civil War” is on the way from a new creative team.

First announced Friday evening by CNN, writer Charles Soule and artist Leinil Yu are set to team on a new “Civil War,” presenting a new take on the security vs. freedom conflict between Iron Man and Captain America — a story that provides the inspiration for 2016 Marvel Studios film “Captain America: Civil War.”

150320150045-03-marvel-032015-8b08cRead more at this link: http://www.comicbookresources.com/article/soule-yu-reignite-civil-war-during-secret-wars

CBS’s Supergirl series picks up former Terminator to play a classic DC baddie

Former Terminator Owain Yeoman (Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, The Mentalist, Extant) has been cast in the role of DC Comics supervillain Vartox in CBS’ Supergirl, Comic Book Resources has confirmed. He will appear in a guest-star capacity in the pilot, which will also feature the Lumberjack (who is, as of yet, still uncast) and Star Trek and Iron Man actor Faran Tahir as the mysterious “The Commander.”

According to the official description of the role obtained by CBR, “Owain Yeoman plays longtime DC Comics villain Vartox, an alien convict, who has been hiding on Earth for the past 12 years.

Created back in 1974, Vartox is an alien who comes from the planet Valeron. The character was at first established as a “slightly older” friend of Superman, who had many of the same powers our Man of Steel possessed, including flight, invulnerability and super strength

Owain-YeomanRead more at this link: http://www.blastr.com/2015-3-20/cbss-supergirl-series-picks-former-terminator-play-classic-dc-baddie

Marvel’s Crash Ryan Being Made Into A Movie

In 1984, Ron Harris created Crash Ryan, a 4-issue comic book mini-series that was published by Marvel Comics’ Epic Comics imprint. Today, Variety has learned that Crash Ryan is being developed into a movie by producer Ryan Heppe.

The story takes place in an alternate 1935 in a world of super airplanes and giant flying airports. Crash Ryan is a pilot caught up in the battle between the heroic United Airmen and the forces of evil, led by a masked world conqueror who calls himself “the Doom.”

crashryan-128178Read more at this link: http://comicbook.com/2015/03/20/marvels-crash-ryan-being-made-into-a-movie/

Captain America: Civil War Synopsis And Start Date Revealed

A new casting call sent out by Marvel Studios has confirmed the date that Captain America: Civil War will begin shooting, and a revealed a synopsis of the film’s plot.

According to Collider, the casting call says the film will begin shooting on April 1 in Atlanta.  An earlier casting call noted a shooting date of April 27. It’s likely this was a casting call for a particular scene, one involving a lot of extras rather than the start date for the film as a whole.

captainamericacivilwar-127405Read more at this link: http://comicbook.com/2015/03/20/captain-america-civil-war-synopsis-and-start-date-revealed/

Sana Amanat and Phil Jimenez tackle fandom and diversity on ‘The Nightly Show’

On Thursday’s episode of The Nightly Show, host Larry Wilmore turned his attention to “dork diversity,” and fan resistance to such changes as the possibility of a black Spider-Man in the rebooted movie franchise, or the female-led Ghostbusters. To explore the subject, he turned to a panel that included Sana Amanat, Marvel’s director of content and character development, and artist Phil Jimenez.

Asked about the initial reaction to Kamala Khan, Amanat replied, “There was not much resistance at Marvel. I think people were excited because they said, ‘Oh, fundamentally, this is a Marvel idea. Kamala Khan is just like Peter Parker.’ At the end of the day, though, the response that we had … Apparently, I’m trying to convert people to Islam through a superhero story.

nightly-show-625x390Read more at this link: http://robot6.comicbookresources.com/2015/03/sana-amanat-and-phil-jimenez-tackle-fandom-and-diversity-on-the-nightly-show/

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