May the 4th Be With You

Today is Monday, May the 4th, 2015; otherwise known as Star Wars Day.  It’s not an official holiday, but you wouldn’t be able to tell that it isn’t by the amount of people posting to social media with the phrase “May The 4th Be With You.”

You may be asking yourself; how did all this get started and, if a person wants to join in on the fun, in what way should I take part in the celebration?

Before sharing with you the links below, it’s important to remember that there is a new Star Wars movie coming out in December, so this years “May the 4th” is probably going to be filled with extra hype and excitement.

5 Fast Facts You Need to Know

1) It Began in 1979 With Margaret Thatcher

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According to the Danish news DR TV, the pun was first acknowledged on May 4, 1979 by the London Evening News, who congratulated former United Kingdom Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher on her inauguration day by writing the headline “May the Fourth Be with You, Maggie.”

3) Toronto Held the First Organized Celebration in 2011.

The inaugural day was included trivia, a costume contest with celebrity judges, and other celebrations of all things Star Wars.

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10 Geeky Ways to Celebrate Star Wars Day

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#1 – Watch All of the Movies

Well, of course this has to be the first thing you do on the 4th. And don’t even think about trying to pretend that Episodes 1 through 3 didn’t happen.

#6 – Get Your Lightsaber Out

Anyone who professes to be a Star Wars geek HAS to have a lightsaber. I mean, it’s a rite of passage.

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