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The animated adaptation of Noelle Stevenson’s webcomic “Nimona” has taken several big steps forward, as disclosed Thursday by The Hollywood Reporter. Announced last month as having been optioned by Vertigo Entertainment, the “Nimona” adaptation has landed at Fox Animation, in what THR dubbed a “competitive situation.”

Patrick Osborne, who directed the Oscar-winning animated short “Feast” that played before Disney’s “Big Hero 6” last fall, is on board to direct. Screenwriter and former DreamWorks executive Marc Haimes is set to write the “Nimona” script.

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Chiwetel Ejiofor’s role revealed in Doctor Strange

Not only has Chiwetel Ejiofor been confirmed for Marvel’s Doctor Strange, but we know now which role he is playing.

Following speculation in January that Marvel Studios was chasing the Oscar-nominated actor for a key role in the Sorcerer Supreme’s big-screen debut, Deadline reports that not only is Ejiofor signed for the movie, but he’ll be playing Stephen Strange’s archnemesis, Baron Mordo.

Or at least a version of him: Deadline also states that the film’s Baron Mordo will be an “amalgamation” of characters from the Doctor Strange canon and may not be completely villainous in the movie. The comic-book Mordo first debuted in the August 1963 issue of Strange Tales, a disciple of the Ancient One whose plan to kill his teacher is foiled by new student Stephen Strange, earning the latter Mordo’s undying wrath.

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DC Collectibles continues its series of police badge prop replicas based on the ever-growing number of successful TV shows based on DC Comics characters. Today, CBR News has the exclusive first look at and information about the Starling City Police Department badge. Based on the badges used in “Arrow,” this replica follows the currently-available GCPD badge from Fox’s “Gotham” and September’s Central City Police Department from CW sister series “The Flash.”

The badge is made of electro-plated metal mounted on a leather holder, which hangs from a 30-inch chain. It will ship in December 2015 with a suggested retail price of US $30.00, and was created from scans of the actual props used on the show, like the one flashed by Paul Blackthorne’s Quentin Lance throughout “Arrow’s” three seasons.

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The Flash Is Casting A New Hero For Season 2

The Flash’s cast continues to grow as it races toward a second season.

After yesterday’s report that The Flash would add a new romantic interest in the vein of Arrow’s Felicity Smoak, it’s now rumored that a new hero may hit Central City.

As TVLine is reporting, The Flash’s creators are casting a “square-jawed hero in his 30 to 40s.” This mystery man, who would stick around for the entire season, would also be slightly cynical and have an “edge” about him. So, who in the DC Universe might fit that bill? The casting call cites the roll as “John Clark,” who’s actually an old-time letterer at DC Comics.

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In a series of new posters for Marvel’s upcoming “Ant-Man” film, Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) sizes himself up next to Captain America’s shield, Iron Man’s armor and Thor’s hammer.

“Ant-Man,” which concludes Phase 2 of the interconnected Marvel Cinematic Universe, centers on Scott Lang, a former criminal that inherits a suit that allows him to shrink in size and speak to ants — and who must pull of the ultimate heist in order to save the world.

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