The Splash Page Blog: June 18th 2015

On this edition of The Splash Page Blog; Viola Davis talks trash on the Man of Steel, Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars gives a shout out to Deadpool Movie, Magic Mike talks Gambit, New poster for Ant-Man, Matthew Vaughn working on a Hit-Girl Prequel, And a first look at Hawkeye #22.

Viola Davis Says Amanda Waller Could Make Superman Quake In His Tights

Viola Davis swung by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Tuesday and explained to him the importance of her ‘Amanda Waller’ role in David Ayer’s Suicide Squad movie.

“She’s supposed to be one of the main characters, one of the main villains,” the How to Get Away with Murder actress told Kimmel.

Davis was asked if Waller was good or bad. She replied, “She’s a badass!” Jimmy then followed up by asking her if Superman would be on Waller’s side. “Oh no, Superman would quake in his tights,” Davis declared.

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Marvel’s Deadpool Comic Pays Homage To Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool Movie

Marvel Comics’ Deadpool has looked into the future and what he has seen is Ryan Reynolds’ Deadpool. In the second issue of Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars released in comic book stores today, there is a homage to a familiar image that was used to promote Ryan Reynolds’ upcoming Deadpool movie.

Deadpool’s Secret Secret Wars is actually set in 1984. In the comic, Deadpool gazes into one of several shields, which provide him a glimpses into the future. One of the images Deadpool and Professor X see is an image of Deadpool lying on a bearskin rug in front of a fireplace, almost an exact copy of the image that Ryan Reynolds and 20th Century Fox first released to promote the Deadpool movie.

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Channing Tatum Talks Gambit And If He’ll Be In X-Men: Apocalypse

Channing Tatum took part in a Reddit AMA (Ask Me Anything) to promote his new movie Magic Mike XXL and during it he answered questions pertaining to his upcoming Gambit solo film and X-Men: Apocalypse.

When asked about Gambit, he started things off by saying how happy he was that Rise of the Planet of the Apes director Rupert Wyatt had come on board. “We finally found someone that I really do believe wants to make Gambit,” Tatum said. “it will be the second standalone character. And i just really think because Gambit is not the most popular or the biggest hero, I think there’s a really unique opportunity. Marvel’s done a lot of great movies that have made a ridiculous amount of money, and it’s always good to figure how to change the form.”

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While the obvious meaning of the “A” at the center of Marvel Studios’ new international poster for “Ant-Man” is in reference to the film’s diminutive hero, there’s no sense denying the studio’s desire for theater goers to associate the character with its most popular franchise.

Previous posters played up the connection more blatantly, placing the hero alongside Iron Man’s armor, Captain America’s shield and Thor’s hammer, Mjolnir.

Boasting “Heroes don’t get any bigger,” the poster, which debuted today on Yahoo Movies UK, features star Paul Rudd in his Ant-Man gear, emerging from a giant letter “A”, while a smaller version of his character is poised, ready for action, atop of the “Marvel” in the film’s logo.

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Kick-Ass Director Matthew Vaughn Working On Hit-Girl Prequel

Director Matthew Vaughn scored a sleeper-hit with Kick-Ass, but he then passed the baton to Jeff Wadlow for sequel, which wasn’t as well received. He’s now revealed that he isn’t done with the Kick-Ass franchise and has plans to make a Hit-Girl prequel that will resuscitate the franchise and allow them to eventually make Kick-Ass 3.

“We’re working on an idea for a prequel of how did Hit Girl and Big Daddy become Hit Girl and Big Daddy,” Vaughn said during a Yahoo Movies press event for Kingsman: The Secret Service DVD release. “If we make that, hopefully that will be the sorbet for the people that didn’t like Kick-Ass 2 and then we can go off and make Kick-Ass 3. “I think we’ve got to do this prequel to regain the love that we had with Kick-Ass.”

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Marvel’s final Hawkeye issue previews last battle — exclusive

It’s been a long ride for Hawkeye, the critically acclaimed Marvel comic that put Avengers marksman Clint Barton back on the map in a big way. And although the archer’s legacy is going strong — there’s currently a new version of the book being written by Jeff Lemire with art by Ramón Pérez — fans are still waiting to get their hands on the final, super-sized chapter that has eluded them ever since the penultimate issue was released in February.

EW can confirm that there’s a light at the end of the tunnel for those who are waiting to read the last part of Clint Barton, Kate Bishop and Lucky’s story. Hawkeye officially wraps its run on July 22, when the last issue of the Eisner-winning series hits comic shops, effectively closing the book on Matt Fraction’s era of Clint Barton. We left our hero in a state of “okay, this looks bad” — fresh off of seemingly being beaten by the Tracksuit Mafia thugs and holding his dying brother in his arms on his building’s rooftop.

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