The SciFi Geeks Sheet – 7/2/15

In this round up of the latest news from the world of Sci-Fi; another American Horror Story style show on the horizon, what the head of the world’s largest online social network wants you to read, and, a big name attached to that “Captain Worf” series.

New horror anthology series Channel Zero being developed by Syfy

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From Chronicle‘s Max Landis and Hannibal TV writer Nick Antosca;   each season of Channel Zero will focus on a new story. The first will be based on “Candle Cove” by Kris Straub, a story that originates from the user-generated internet horror phenomenon known as creepypasta. It tells the story of a mysterious children’s television show from the 1980s and the show’s role in a series of murders and one man’s dark secret.

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Since he’s currently busy with a series of projects that includes the upcoming horror movie Victor Frankenstein — starring Daniel Radcliffe (Harry Potter) and James McAvoy (X-Men: Apocalypse) — Landis will only produce and oversee the new series alongside Antosca, who’ll be the one on writing duties.

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Mark Zuckerberg wants everyone to read this sci-fi novel

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His 2015 New Year’s resolution was to read an important book every two weeks and discuss it with the Facebook community.  A Year of Books, has focused on big ideas that influence society and business. For his 13th pick, he’s gone with “The Player of Games” by the late Iain M. Banks.

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First published in 1988, the novel is the second entry in Banks’ “Culture” series, which takes place in a futuristic utopian society where humanoid aliens and incredibly advanced artificial intelligence have spread themselves across the galaxy. The Player of Games explores what a civilization would look like if hyper-advanced technology were created to serve human needs and surpass human capabilities.

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Title and Surprise Writer Revealed for Michael Dorn’s Proposed Trek series


We’ve been hearing a lot of rumors as of late about Michael Dorn‘s proposed Captain Worf spin-off, and now we finally have a name for the project he is pitching to Paramount and CBS, which is Star Trek: The Next Generation: The Worf Chronicles. While a bit of a mouthful, it makes the most sense in marketing the show and letting fans and newcomers know exactly where the show would fit in the pantheon of series’ the franchise has produced over the years.

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We’ve also learned that a few scripts have already been written. When asked about that and who had written them, Dorn gave the following answer: “Ronald D. Moore for the first few episodes, he’s amazing at starting off a show. Be sure to fire him after about 2 seasons though, and replace him with Vince Gilligan.”

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