The Splash Page Blog: July 15th 2015

On this edition of The Splash Page Blog; Marvel going Manga with variants, Batman’s new role during the Darkseid War, Tilda Swinton talking Doctor Strange, Paul McGann’s Doctor getting a comic, Casting of a Rogue’s Gallery father for Flash, and this weeks comic book picks.


In August, Marvel Comics celebrates manga with a series of variant covers featuring the publisher’s top characters illustrated by some of Japan’s top artists. Today, CBR has the exclusive first look at three of them — “Ant-Man: Last Days” by “Maken X Another” and “Dorohedoro” creator Q Hayashida, “Guardians of Knowhere” #3 by “Trigun” creator Yasuhiro Nightow, and and “Silk” #7 by an art team Marvel fans have become very familiar with over the years, Gurihiru.

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Batman Becomes [SPOILER] in Today’s Justice League

WARNING: Spoilers ahead for Justice League #42 from Geoff Johns, Jason Fabok and Brad Anderson.

You may have heard rumors that Batman would learn The Joker’s true identity in today’s issue of Justice League.

That’s technically true — mostly because, as has been teased in the October 2015 solicitations, Batman takes on a surprising new role — that of the God of Knowledge, a role taken from Metron — in the issue.

When, as the result of a misunderstanding, Metron is separated from his chair, the powerful item is about to Boom Tube itself away, putting the Justice League and Metron at the mercy of Darkseid and the Anti-Monitor, two ancient, powerful and warring forces.

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Doctor Strange co-star Tilda Swinton promises ‘very different’ Marvel movie

We’d heard a while back that Tilda Swinton was in talks to co-star in Doctor Strange as The Ancient One, and now it sounds like they’ve apparently closed the deal. Even better? Swinton has a few hints about what we can expect from the most mystical Marvel movie yet.

Though Marvel has yet to actually confirm Swinton’s casting as Stephen Strange’s mentor, the actress told Screen Crush they’re “so far in talks” that they’re not really talking anymore. To put it simply: “It’s done.” After letting that cat out of the bag, Swinton went on to talk about what Marvel is cooking up with the Doctor Strange film. Hey, if she’s been talking that much, she’d have to know some plot detais, right?

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Paul McGann’s short-changed Eight Doctor getting his very own Who comic

Aside from that so-so TV movie and a surprisingly awesome 50th-anniversary short, Paul McGann’s Eighth Doctor hasn’t gotten a whole lot of love (outside of those nifty radio dramas, of course). Now he’s finally getting a whole new set of adventures.

Titan Comics has been pumping out several concurrent Doctor Who series, including those focused on the Ninth, Tenth, Eleventh and Twelfth Doctors. Now they’re moving on down the list. The publisher has announced a brand-new, five-issue miniseries starring McGann’s enigmatic man in a big blue box. The series is being written by George Mann (Doctor Who: Engines of War), with art by Emma Vieceli (Life Is Strange, Jem & the Holograms).

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Michael Ironside has signed on to “The Flash” as Lewis Snart, a career criminal and the estranged, abusive father of Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller) and his sister, Golden Glider (Peyton List).

The Hollywood Reporter describes the elder Snart as “a cold-blooded, ruthless career criminal” who, having been released from prison, concocts a plan that will endanger Central City — including his own children. Ironside will first appear in “Family of Rogues,” the third episode of season two, alongside Captain Cold and Golden Glider.

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BOOM! Studios

  • Adventure Time Fionna And Cake Card Wars #1 (Of 6)
  • Big Trouble In Little China #13
  • Lumberjanes #16

DC Comics

  • Black Canary #2
  • Green Lantern The Lost Army #2
  • Harley Quinn #18
  • Justice League #42
  • Superman Wonder Woman #19

Image Comics

  • Empty #5
  • Island #1
  • Mantle #3
  • Skullkickers #33
  • Trees #11

Marvel Comics

  • Captain Britain And The Mighty Defenders #1 (Of 2)
  • Guardians Of Knowhere #1
  • Hail Hydra #1
  • Hawkeye #22
  • Siege #1
  • Silver Surfer #13
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