The Alien Invasion Report – 7/20/15

In the latest news from the world of extraterrestrials; a breakdown of The X-Files teaser trailer, a new search for E.T. is underway and, Blomkamp releases more Alien 5 concept art.

Let’s try to figure out what’s happening in the first teaser trailer for The X-Files’ return

From Blastr

Fox released a 15-second clip for the new miniseries set to hit the network this coming January. What do we see? A whole lot, believe it or not, considering it’s length.

The trailer opens with what appears to be a UFO crash, with a group of soldiers walking up to check it out with smoldering wreckage in the background (a flashback, perhaps?), then we cut to two bloody bodies being dragged through a warehouse setting.

Then, we have a quick shot of some type of implant in an unknown person’s neck, and finally — someone is tearing up Mulder’s pad. His iconic “I Want To Believe” poster? It’s on the floor, being walked on. Lastly, we get the money shot — Mulder and Scully, bursting into a darkened scene with their iconic flashlights  at the ready.

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Stephen Hawking Spearheads New Hunt for Intelligent Aliens

From Discovery

On Monday, the famed theoretical physicist announced a new $100 million effort to track down an alien civilization within the next decade. Funded by US-based tech billionaire Yuri Milner, the initiative, called “Breakthrough Listen,” will take a “Silicon Valley approach” to discovering aliens, using two powerful radio telescopes and leveraging the problem-solving power of social networks.

Image courtesy of Discovery

This will be the biggest scientific search for intelligent extraterrestrial life, a survey that will cover 10 times more of the sky than previous programs, monitoring 5 times more of the radio spectrum, 100 times faster, reports BBC News.

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Neill Blomkamp Shares New Alien 5 Movie Concept Art


In February the director began sharing artwork he commissioned for an unofficial Alien pitch. It garnered a lot of positive attention and 20th Century Fox soon after gave him the green light to make his dream project.

This latest piece of concept art features Ripley (Sigourney Weaver) and a disfigured Corporal Dwayne Hicks (Michael Biehn) looking standoffish in front of South Korean Colonial Marine.  Filming will take place in Vancouver and could begin as soon as this fall.

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