The Alien Invasion Report – 8/11/15

Garden State Parkway traffic slows down for ‘saucer-like disc’

A New Jersey witness at Montvale reported watching a “saucer-like disc” that appeared to be 150 feet across, according to testimony in Case 68943 from the Mutual UFO  Network (MUFON) witness reporting database.

The witness described the object.

“It first had a classic saucer-like appearance: illuminated silver-metallic with a slightly flattened rim that projected around the middle.”

But as the witness watched, the object seemed to change its shape.

Neill Blomkamp Teases ‘Alien Room’ as Production on Alien 5 Continues!

Released on the director’s Instagram account, the photo shows a small room with Alien concept art-filled walls, two chairs, 4 monitors and a replica of the iconic Power Loader from Aliens.

Currently, no release date is set, however the plot for the film will take place well after the events of Ridley Scott’s Prometheus and its sequel and closer to the timeline between Aliens and Alien 3.

Vatican chief astronomer believes in UFOs and aliens

Writing in the Vatican’s daily newspaper L’Osservatore Romano, Father Jose Funes said, “Our galaxy contains more than a hundred billion stars. “Considering the number of exoplanets discovered, it seems that the vast majority of stars in our galaxy, at least potentially, can have planets where life could develop.”

However, despite the acknowledgement that other life may exist, Fr. Funes does not believe that any close encounters of the third kind will be happening soon.

“The discovery of the new planet Kepler 452b revives the idea that contact and, why not, the encounter with extraterrestrial intelligent beings of an alien civilization could happen in the near future.

“It is probable there was life and perhaps a form of intelligent life … I don’t think we’ll ever meet a Mr. Spock,” he continues.

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Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson

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