SWords – 8/25/15

Scientists Create Magnetic Wormhole In Lab

A team of physicists in Spain have developed a functional wormhole that is capable of tunneling magnetic fields through space.  The device, built by researchers at the Autonomous University of Barcelona can transmit magnetic fields from one point to another through a magnetically invisible path in space.

While the recently-developed wormhole by the UAB scientists does not function to transmit objects through time and space, it is a realization instead of the invisibility cloak concept, which was first suggested in the Physical Review Letters in 2007.

Source: Tech Times

Stephen Hawking says he has a way to escape from a black hole

Scientists had long speculated over precisely what happens when matter enters a black hole. “I propose that the information is stored not in the interior of the black hole as one might expect, but on its boundary, the event horizon,” Hawking said during a conference in Stockholm yesterday. This information could then be picked up and emitted back out of the black hole through Hawking radiation – a phenomena through which photons are emitted due to quantum fluctuations.

Source: Unexplained Mysteries

Mars water discovery hints Red Planet’s ‘ancient habitable environments’ once nurtured life

The Curiosity Rover drilled deep into the Buckskin Rock in the Marias Pass region and using its Dynamic Albedo of Neutrons (DAN) tool, which looks for the hydrogen of water molecules, it detected evidence of a huge amount of water just beneath the surface.

“The ground about one meter beneath the rover in this area holds three or four times as much water as the ground anywhere else Curiosity has driven during its three years on Mars,” said DAN Principal Investigator Igor Mitrofanov from Space Research Institute in Moscow.

According the latest results, billions of years ago this area was filled with water. The conditions back then could have allowed microbial life to flourish – if it ever existed on Mars.

The Rover will now attempt to dig at the foot of Mount Sharp in the hope of finding evidence of conditions which could have caused life to flourish.

Source: Mirror

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