Adventure Party #13 – Live By the Sword, Die By the Sword


In this meeting of the Adventure Party, we discuss the uses of reward and punishment in a games setting. Giving characters untold wealth, powerful swords, and magic items may seem like fun but it can lead to unforeseen complications. Conversely, punishing your characters harshly because their dice rolls a poor and they aren’t catching that ONE clue that can move the story forward is no fun at all. How do you balance it all out and make an even handed game that’s fun to play? What tips and tricks have we learned during our years of playing and running RPG sessions? Co-host Glenn Buettner and I share that all with you.

Glenn reviews the remade Cheapass Games classic, formerly known as Captain Park’s Imaginary Polar Expedition, Stuff and Nonsense.

In the news, we talk about Pathfinders’ new play test of the proposed vigilante class. It’s called Ultimate Intrigue. Imagine being a fantasy age Batman. Striking fear in the hearts of wrongdoers in your local fiefdom.

Ryan Murphy gives us a new update on computer and console games, for this week.

The Kickstarter Spotlight shines o the game Battalia. This new game has been developed by people in multiple countries and the game will be offered in those languages. This strategy board game uses mostly images and numbers to get over the language barrier. It’s just the rules that will be offered in the different languages.

We wrap up the show with our in depth talk about rewarding and punishing characters during game play. How to keep it fair, balanced and interesting is always a challenge of any game. We give some insights into things that we’ve found to work over the years as a good starting point for you to use in your game sessions.

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