SW – Healing spacecraft, New Horizon’s next target and robot to keep us in zoo

NASA develops new ‘self-healing’ material

Despite their small size, debris fragments and micro meteorites can cause significant damage to orbiting satellites and spacecraft. Now, in a renewed bid to find a solution to this problem, NASA has come up with a remarkable new type of material that is able to heal up all on its own within as little as two seconds.

It is comprised of a reactive liquid between two layers of a solid polymer so that when it is punctured the liquid inside is exposed to the air and quickly solidifies – plugging up the hole.

Source: Unexplained Mysteries

Here’s What’s Next For NASA’s New Horizons Spacecraft

Two months after the New Horizon’s spacecraft nailed the Pluto flyby, it’s setting its sights on something new: a tiny icy object that sits in the asteroid belt past the dwarf planet.  NASA’s goal is to gather as much data as possible about this Kuiper Belt object (KBO), called 2014 MU69, while using fuel sparingly.

According to Alan Stern, New Horizons principal investigator, said that 2014 MU69 is an ideal flyby target because of what it can teach us about the origins of the Kuiper Belt. At 100th of the size of Pluto, just 30 miles across, this KBO is likely similar to the building blocks that are thought to have come together to create the dwarf planet and other larger objects in the Belt.

Source: Huffington Post

Robot promises to look after humans in ‘people zoo’ when they take over world

That is the sinister promise from an ‘intelligent’ robot to the question: “Will robots take over the world?” “I’ll keep you warm and safe in my people zoo, where I can watch you for ol’ times sake,” the bearded robot said in an interview with PBS in 2011.

The robot, who was modeled after novelist Philip K Dick, has been fed the author’s complete works as well as information from other writers, can answer questions that were once put to the author.

It also ‘listens’ to their words and creates a response by analyzing a database based on what they have said.

It’s face recognition skills and ability to fix on a person’s face also makes it look as though it is listening.

Source: Mirror

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