Adventure Party #14 – Terry Stevens and Magic the Gathering Storylines


In this meeting, we talk Magic the Gathering with ‘Scary’ Terry Stevens of Rock 94.7. Terry has been playing Magic for a long time and has passed this love of the game on to his kids. Terry has also been following the story lines that have gone with each expansion of the game. He took some time to share that knowledge with us.

Glenn reviews the Funforge board game called Samurai Spirit. It’s a co-op game in which you and up to six others can defend a village against it’s impending doom from bandits. While it only goes 3 rounds, it’s a brutal game where it’s very possible to lose.

In the news, we have the latest Shadowrun release called Chrome Flesh. You have more options to trick out your street samurai or rigger with new cyberware.

Ryan Murphy has the latest Galactic Gaming News on the PC and console gaming front.

Our Kickstarter Spotlight focuses on the Wasteland Playing cards. If you loved the game, you’ll love these Wasteland themed playing card decks.

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