Star map proved real, giant radio telescope and, triangle UFO sighting

Alien abduction of married couple ‘proven’ by star map they drew claims statistician

A sketch of a star map drawn by Betty and Barney Hill 54 years ago, havs been given new credence after it emerged that it closely resembles a real constellation they could not have known about at the time.  Neither initially recalled being abducted, but both experienced a three-hour memory lapse on the night in question after which they experienced nightmares and suffered from severe stress.

After being hypnotised both recounted remarkably similar versions of what they said occurred, which included medical examinations. Betty was also shown a star map indicating where the beings came from, and under hypnosis Betty drew a version of the map she’d been shown.

At the time experts said the map didn’t resemble any known area of space. However, the Hills continued to insist they had been abducted until they died. Now, statistician David Saunders says the map closely resembles the Zeta Reticuli system in the southern constellation of Reticulum. Proof, he believes, that the Hills really were telling the truth about being abducted by aliens.

Source: Yahoo News

Giant Radio Telescope Could Detect E.T.’s Call

The Square Kilometer Array (SKA), currently planned to begin construction in 2018, in South Africa and Australia will combine thousands of small antennae across the globe instead of a single large dish, allowing unprecedented sensitivity in radio astronomy. 

SETI scientists figured out a way to obtain significant telescope time nearly 30 years ago, when they began piggy-backing on other users’ observations at the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, duplicating their observations with very little loss of sensitivity.  Data from the SKA could be similarly piggy-backed, but the SKA will be much larger than the biggest radio telescope operating today, allowing scientists to search for fainter signals.

Source: Space

San Diego witnesses tweet UFO videos

Earlier this month, several people in the Southern California city observed mysterious lights in the sky they could not identify.  One of them was Garret Conder, a High School Sophomore, who observed something unusual while watching the San Diego Chargers.  He told the Eagle and Times newspaper that it was a diamond shaped object. Goldish-yellow lights. Very bright, not blinking like aircraft lights. “I’ve never seen anything like it. My jaw dropped. I was flabbergasted. The lights were in a weird formation, flying above and below each other. Then the lights blinked out one at a time.”

Conder immediately tweeted the event, writing, verbatim: “I just saw a ufo in imperial beach California. A diamond shaped u do 4 lights , one by one they disappeared. My whole family witnessed this.”

Source: Open Minds TV

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