More unexplained sounds, baby bigfoot & huge earthquakes coming

New Booms Over Britain and British Columbia

An unexplained noise was heard by many witnesses in Kingsholm, Gloucester, the evening of September 9th. Local media reported residents leaving their homes and taking to the streets as the boom shook houses and sounded to some as if it were in the immediate vicinity. The single loud noise had no aftershocks and was not accompanied by lights, smells, craters, smoke or other evidence to indicate its source. There have been no explanations so far.

Meanwhile, residents of Oliver, British Columbia heard a loud noise at 3 a.m. on September 18th. The boom set off car alarms and police received numerous calls. This time, local officials actually acknowledged the boom but had no reasons for it. An 2.3 magnitude earthquake had shaken the area four days earlier but nothing was recorded on September 18th.

Source: Mysterious Universe

Virginia woman calls 911 about Bigfoot sighting

A resident of Bedford County, Virginia, called the sheriff’s office dispatch to report that she’d been driving and sighted a Bigfoot carrying a “baby” in its arms on the side of the road. She further claimed that she returned to the scene the next day and found appropriately big footprints, each twice the size of her feet, adding that “the stride was longer than anything I could make.”

According to ABC 13, the caller retained her anonymity so as not to gain a certain type of reputation in the neighborhood, i.e. as the type of person who ties up emergency phone lines with Bigfoot calls.

Source: Death and Taxes

Rare ‘Blood Moon’ event in A WEEK ‘will bring huge earth-destroying earthquakes’

Two Christian preachers with huge followings in the US claim the date of the last of four ‘blood moons’ over the past 18 months, due to occur on September 28th, and following a papal visit to the US, will signal the second coming of Jesus Christ. At the same time, the world as we know it will be destroyed by major earthquakes amid heightened tensions in the Middle East and the possibility of a third world war.

The two evangelists have been accused of peddling the false warnings in order to cash in on books they have penned about their predictions – one of which was turned into a movie.

The pair claim Armageddon will occur at the conclusion of the ongoing ‘tetrad’ of blood moons, which began on April 15th last year, followed by another red-coloured lunar eclipse on October 8 last year, and a third on April 4 this year.

Source: Express

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