Elon Musk wants to give Mars two mini-suns

The technical focus might be on getting to Mars, but SpaceX founder Elon Musk already has plans to terraform the red planet.

Basically, he wants to shoot nukes above the planet’s poles to simulate our sun’s effects, which would (hopefully) kick-start efforts to warm the planet and make it potentially more suitable for human occupation.

While speaking at the SolarCity solar panel launch event Musk said…

“What I was talking about, was having a series of very large, by our standards, but very small by calamity standards, essentially having two tiny pulsing suns over the poles. They’re really above the planet. Not on the planet. Every several seconds, send large fusion bombs over the poles. A lot of people don’t appreciate that our sun is a giant fusion explosion … So if you have two basically tiny suns over the pole that would warm up the planet. Then you would gasify frozen carbon dioxide, thicken the atmosphere and warm up the water and all of that would have a greenhouse effect. Have a cascading effect to continue warming up the planet.”

Source: Blastr

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Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson

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