No Sign of Aliens at KIC 8462852 Yet

Alien hunters have had their telescopes pointed at a mysterious system for more than than two weeks after astronomers discovered a star roughly 1,500 light years from Earth that had a strange dimming pattern. It suggested that KIC 8462852 was surrounded by dense, irregular matter that, at one point, blocked 22 percent of the star’s light.

The strange readings could come from a cloud of comets. But some have theorized that alien “mega-structures” are the source of the strange readings.

So the SETI Institute aimed its Allen Telescope Array at the star. The researchers looked for both narrow-band signals that alien civilizations might use to broadcast on and broad-band signals that could be generated by spacecraft propulsion systems.

The result? Nothing was picked up but, that doesn’t mean they won’t find anything sometime in the future.

Source: NBC News


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Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson

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