Galactic Gaming News #29 – Week of November 13th


Ryan Murphy with a look at this week’s video game headlines from out of this world. Nintendo dropped some release date info for Wii U and 3DS fans, Star Wars Battlefront drops next week, and Extra Life is this weekend for The Gamers’ Inn (go to to donate).

Nintendo Direct News

Star Fox Zero releasing April 22, 2016, Twilight Princess HD launched March 4th, 2016 with Zelda for Wii U confirmed for 2016 (again), and Cloud from FF VII in Smash Bros.

Star Wars Battlefront

Releasing on November 17th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you’re an Xbox One owner and have an active subscription to EA Access, you can try the game for 10 hours this weekend!

Extra Life for The Gamers’ Inn is THIS WEEKEND

Alongside fellow Gamers’ Inn team members Jocelyn and James, we will be playing video games for 24 hours on November 14th in support of Children Miracle Network Hospitals through Extra Life. Your donations are super appreciated and 100% of the funds raised go directly to helping kids in need.

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