Adventure Party #18 – Gary Astleford and the D&D Girl Scout Workshop


In this meeting of the Adventure Party, we talk with Gary Astleford.
Gary has added something cool to the Girl Scout Troops in the San Diego County area. A D&D Girl Scout Workshop that can net them a badge. We’re going to talk about how this idea came to fruition, what benefits does Gary see for these young ladies who get their RPG badge and how he came up with his streamlined 5th Edition character sheets. The wonderful thing about what he has done is that he’s set up a site where he’s shared his materials so that ANY scout troop in the nation can set up their own workshop! You get the character sheets and scenarios to make this happen. Find out more at

Glenn reviews Specter Ops. It’s a game where one player is an spy. Everyone else is trying to hunt the player down and capture the spy. One of the other players is there to aid the spy. It has elements of Scotland Yard and Fury of Dracula. The game lasts about 40 minutes. There is a lot of planning involved with each play you make.

In the news, we discuss the separating of Steve Jackson Games from the GURPS Traveller property. Once the stock in their warehouse is gone, they will be done with it. If you’re a GURPS Traveller fan, buy it up before December 31st.

Our Kickstarter Spotlight shines on Gods and Monsters. Select the mythos of gods you’d like to play and then build your deck. Your deck will help you accomplish your in-game goals. The miniatures in this game are almost unreal! The quality really shines though and you would be able to repurpose these into any RPG you might play, as well.

Enjoy the episode!

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