Adventure Party #22 – Matthew McFarland and Chill 3rd Edition


We are taking a break from our convention theme to talk with Matthew McFarland of Growling Door Games. He picked up the license for the horror genre RPG Chill and brought it back in a new, updated version. We wanted to know what it took to get the license to a game that is no longer in print and breathe new life into it. We also discuss the impact Chill made on us in the 90’s and what Matthew’s plans for the future are for Chill resource books.

Glenn’s Review:

Glenn reviews the expandable card game called Ashes: Rise of the Phoenix Born. It’s a two player game that allows for you to add to your decks. You play Phoenixborns, beings who are demi-gods, charged with protecting the world. Something has gone wrong, and greed rules the land. A legend of a Phoenixborn who absorbs enough of the ashes of others, can ascend into godhood. Now it’s every Phoenixborn for themselves. Using your 30 card deck and your 10 dice magic pool, your fight the other Phoenixborn to conquer the world or just survive it.


Paizo’s RPG Superstar™ Season 9 Is Open For Voting
Create your best magic weapon, magic armor or magical device and submit it to be considered.

On August 29th, Splatoon players will get to choose to fight for the Decepticons or Autobots in a Splatfest. Looks like Nintnedo is getting into the sponsored game with Transformers!

On August 19th Bungie held a Twitch stream to reveal more details about their upcoming expansion for Destiny titled, The Taken King.

Mike Bithell’s followup to Thomas Was Alone, Volume is a top-down stealth game set in a futuristic dystopian England.

Curious about Everybody’s Gone To The Rapture? Here’s me playing the first 20 minutes!

Kickstarter Spotlight:

Our Kickstarter Spotlight shines on the Immersion Studios RPG called Infected Zombie. It a post-apocalyptic zombie tale that takes place AFTER the great ‘zombie war’. How does humanity pick up the pieces of civilazation? Do you try to put it back to where it once was or create a ‘new world order’? It’s a game of morals, survival, and possible political intrigue.

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