Adventure Party #25 – LARPS: The Series Cast and Crew


In this meeting of the Adventure Party we talk with Director Julian Stamboulieh, Actor Scott Humphrey, and Producer Benjamin Warner from the Geek & Sundry’s LARPS: The Series. These are but a few of the cast and crew of this amazingly funny and sometimes touching show about a group of people who are a part of a Live Action Role Playing group. It shows us glimpses into the character’s lives and how this LARP group functions. We got to discuss the hurdles they encountered in making the show, how LARP differs from improv, how many of the cast and crew are gamers, and how joining forces with Geek & Sundry helped them. If you’ve never LARPed before it’s a fun look at how a LARP can work. If you have LARPed before, there are many tips of the hat and fun jabs that you will pick up on.
You can follow each of these fine young gentlemen:
You can watch the show at

Glenn’s Review:

Glenn reviewed New York 1901 from Blue Orange Games. This board game, for 2-4 players, takes you back to the hayday of early 20th Century New York. You need to build up this city to the magnificence we know that it is. Your objective is to purchase land and build the key skyscrapers of the day. A game takes about 45 minutes and well worth the time.


Skirmisher Games Releases Insults & Injuries: A Pathfinder Sourcebook for Medical Maladies

If you are looking to add some medical based realism to your Pathfinder adventures, you may want to consider this sourcebook. Illnesses and their effects on humans and non-humans alike, that include both mental and physical maladies. This also comes with ways to treat said diseases through magical and non-magical means.

WildStar goes free to play at the end of the month

September 29th marks the date when WildStar goes from yet another subscription based MMO to the free to play garden.

Pikmin 4 in development and nearly finished

Pikmin is a franchise that sees drops of support from Nintendo, with two main releases on GameCube and two re-releases on Wii, it took nearly 8 years for Pikmin 3 to launch on Wii U. But it seems we won’t have to wait that long for it’s follow up.

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a frantic 1- or 2-player couch co-op action space shooter set in a massive neon battleship.

Super Mario Maker Review

Curious about Super Mario Maker on Wii U? I reviewed it for The Gamers’ Inn! Check it out!

Kickstarter Spotlight

Private Die: A Noir Dice Game

This is a dice/card game from Mystic Ape Games. Return to the age of the hard boiled detective. You’re on a case and you need to gather the clues to solve the mystery. Find and talk to witnesses, gather the clues and solve the mystery before someone ventalates you with their heater. This game takes about 20 minutes to play and can support up to 8 players. This could be a great game for the casual gamer or the die hard just looking to warm up.

Hello, My Name Is:

We introduce you to the character name that cracked everyone up. Popadoplis Buttdicks is a character from listener Kyle Van Winkle.

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