Adventure Party #27 – Rollin Kunz and Scroungeable Games


Our guest this week, is a returning guest. Rollin Kunz spoke with us in meeting #6 when we talked about art in games. Rollin has a new venture, called Scroungeable Games and his first game called Heavenly Immortal Monkey King. We discuss what a scroungeable game is, the best places to go to get items for games, designing a scroungeable game, and what Heavenly Immortal Monkey King is all about. Rollin also makes us a stunning offer that we couldn’t refuse.
You can find out what else Rollin is up to by following him on his website and @rollinkunz on Twitter.

Glenn’s Review:

Glenn reviews Sentinel Tactics: The Flame of Freedom from Greater Than Games. It’s a beautifully designed miniatures game that lets you be the hero or villain you’ve always wanted to be. Using a hex map, you battle in the streets with 2-6 players in this team-based game. They’ve also released a number of expansions that really increase the replay-ability of this game. We’ve loved what they did with Sentinels of the Multiverse card game and this game does not disappoint.


Campaign previews for Halo 5 go live!

Big fan of Halo? Then you’ve probably marked down October 27th on your calendar. That’s the big launch of Halo 5 and just this week we’ve seen another close look at the campaign.

Wolfenstein sequel leaked?

Did you enjoy the re-launch of the Wolfenstein franchise? What about the DLC expansion? Well Machine Games may have a follow up for you as the sequel has been supposedly leaked.

LEGO Dimensions warps in on the 27th of September

How do you feel about the Toys to Life genre? If you were to ask me that I would answer: Which amiibo have they announced this time? Turns out we have a new kid on the block and it’s all thanks to a little toy company you may have heard of called LEGO.

Kickstarter Spotlight:

We introduce you to Folklore: The Affliction. This is a dark fantasy board game with elaborate and beautiful miniatures. You and the rest of the players must team up to defeat the evil of the land. Unfortunately, these creatures are only a symptom. You must investigate and find the source of the disease that plagues the land and bring back all that is good. The stretch goals available in this Kickstarter are staggering but what you get is a bargain based on the costs of other gaming miniatures. You’d also be able to use these in any tabletop campaign you may play as well.

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