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Bizarre footage shows ‘creature’ in Turkey

Allegedly filmed by a security camera in Diyarbakir, Turkey earlier this month, the video has been generating a lot of interest since appearing online and so far nobody has been able to explain it.

The strange figure, which seems to be only a couple of feet tall, can be seen wandering aimlessly around on the road while changing speed and direction several times for no apparent reason.

The Secret CIA Time Travel Program

According to two National Security US Informants, the Department of Defense developed time travel technology over 40 years ago. As early as 1967, the US government was using a fully operational time travel facility built on Tesla-based quantum access. This technology has been used to keep the construction of military installations secret, as well as provide political and economic advantages by way of knowing what the future holds. Some say the CIA confiscated Tesla’s papers on teleportation shortly after his death.

Dr. Andrew D. Basiago was a participant in DARPA’s Project Pegasus (1968-1972) that focused on time travel in the time-space hologram. He claimed that the CIA was actively training groups of gifted American schoolchildren to become the first generation of time-explorers.

Mysterious nocturnal noise baffling experts and terrifying an Oregon community

To some, it sounds like a giant flute played off pitch. To others, faulty car brakes or a steam whistle echoing in the distance.

Descriptions of the shrill noise piercing quiet nights in Forest Grove, Ore., run the gamut, but those who’ve actually heard it seem to agree on one thing — it’s awful.

Residents began hearing the strange noise, which lasts anywhere from a few seconds to several minutes, several weeks ago, according to ABC affiliate KATU. It is loud enough, residents say, that it rouses them from sleep and drives pets crazy.

People and Planes Are Vanishing in the Alaska Triangle

In discussing his new History Channel program Missing in Alaska, cryptozoologist Ken Gerhard told Coast to Coast AM about the astounding 53,000 people who have gone missing in the state since 1988.

Although there are a number of possible natural explanations for why some people may disappear in Alaska, such as the state’s vast wilderness and dangerous animals, he suggested that there may also be supernatural elements at work behind the disappearances.

“Alaska does boast a number of fabulous legends that relate to all manner of really strange and somewhat menacing creatures,” Gerhard said, noting that the state also has a rich history of UFO events as well.

Connecting all of this together may be what is called the ‘Alaska Triangle.’

Gerhard described it as a “large swath of land that ranges all the way from the very northern part of the state … all the way down to Juneau. It is an actual triangle.”

“It is within this triangle area that most of these disappearances have occurred,” he said, “very similar to the Bermuda Triangle in that respect.”


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Dave Nelson

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