Adventure Party #32 – Chris Tregenza and 6d6 RPG


In this meeting of the Adventure Party, we talk with Chris Tregenza of 6d6 RPG in Nottingham, UK. He is finishing up his new Age of Legends campaign setting for his 6d6 RPG system. We talk about that, how he and his team work on projects, and much more.

Glenn’s Review:

Glenn reviews the game Galaxy Trucker. It’s a tile game that makes you work against a timer to create your ship and then work to pick up and haul goods while avoiding asteroids that can whittle down your spacecraft. The first back, with the most hauled to the destination, wins. It’s a simple, fast paced game that make you plan and build the best craft you can with the items that are available to you.


JJ Abrams is making an espionage RPG video game

You may remember a spy drama that Mr. Abrams did, called Alias. He’s gotten back into that genre with a new RPG video game called Spyjinx. Bad Robot has teamed up with ChAIR to create this new game.

Nintendo Direct News

Star Fox Zero releasing April 22, 2016, Twilight Princess HD launched March 4th, 2016 with Zelda for Wii U confirmed for 2016 (again), and Cloud from FF VII in Smash Bros.

Star Wars Battlefront

Releasing on November 17th for PS4, Xbox One, and PC. If you’re an Xbox One owner and have an active subscription to EA Access, you can try the game for 10 hours this weekend!

Kickstarter Spotlight:

Zeus and the Olympic gods are meddling in the mortal world for the first time in 800 years. The players are champions granted special powers by their patron god to defeat the agents of the Titans. But life is never simple when Olympian gods are involved.


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