Podcast of Terror – #40 Manos the Hands of Fate (W/ Dave Nelson)


Matt and Corey are joined by the fearless leader of the Galactic Netcasts, Delicious Dave Nelson to discuss 1966’s Manos The Hands of Fate. We cover all things Manos by discussing it’s appearance on Mystery Science Theater 3000, The fact that a video game exists, and the Kickstarter for a sequel. Also, Manos The Hands of Felt.

Next week; Tucker and Dale VS Evil with the VP of Blazing Caribou, Kari Simms.

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Matt Stein

Matt Stein

Is a Virgo who enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and thought provoking conversations.  His likes include; beer, black coffee, food, video games, music, and making people uncomfortable. My dislikes include; smokers, jokers, midnight poker players, and frozen peas.  He's the host of Podcast of Terror and you can hear him regularly on The SciFi Geeks Club podcast, plus on every episode of Weird World Weekly. You can follow Matt on Twitter and Instagram.