Gremlins – PoT (W/ Mike Diaz and Billy Hiller)



We are bringing you a special delivery of PoT to raise awareness of Karate Tortoise!  Creator Mike Diaz, along with one of the producers, Billy Hiller, joins us to promote their Seed and Spark campaign. We talk about their company, The Spooked Horse, maybe the movie Gremlins, life, love, and maybe the meaning of it all. Mike talks about smoking a cigarette with Rob Zombie, then Matt tells a story.  Is the Furby really a Mogwai? Mike expresses his attraction to the puppet for Stripe.

Image result for furby             Image result for gizmo gremlins toy

We cover John Carpenters reaction to Rob Zombies version of the original Halloween movie.  Then we talk about some movie called Turbo Kids that seems to be a kids version of Mad Max. The Purge will be coming to cable TV as a 10 hour series. Lastly, the Sydney Film Fest is coming back for its 10th annual offering.

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Matt Stein

Matt Stein

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