James Lowder: Munchkin Book – Adventure Party #41


James Lowder is a hero of mine and it was a true honor to speak with him. While his current project is working with the Munchkin folks, he was one of the people who helped bring the D&D world of Ravenloft to life. He is also known as an author, editor, and annual game gift giver extraordinaire. A few of his many notable works include “Prince of Lies” and “Knight of the Black Rose”.  He has just finished work on a book of absolute silliness, called the Munchkin Book–The Official Companion. We’re going to talk with him about how this project came about,  get some Munchkin stories, being a writer vs. an editor, and working in the Ravenloft world.

Glenn’s Review

Glenn reviews the game Battle Sheep. A 2-4 player game of strategy, exploration, and pasture dominion. An average game takes about 15 minutes and it’s recommended for ages 7 and up. Glenn tells us why it’s fun and what makes the game worth adding to your library.



Day Trippers RPG releases Golden Age Adventures, an anthology scenarios based on 16 of the most well known sci-fi writers on the 30s-50s. You too can explore the worlds of ground breaking sci-fi and why their work was truly a part of the Golden Age.



Kickstarter Spotlight

Our spotlight shines on the game Saloon Tycoon. Each player is looking to build the perfect Saloon in the new frontier. This 2-4 player game requires quick thinking and a keen mind. You’ll need to quickly build up your saloon and get it supplied to get your bonuses.


Hello, My Name Is:

Tony Young introduced us to his 5th ed. D&D character named Leaninlaylonolin Isold. He’ll let us know why his character is great to play. For taking the time to talk with us, Tony received his Hello, My Name Is certificate.

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