International Table Top Day – Adventure Party #47


We talk about the games we got to play during the annual International Tabletop Game Day. The games that we got to play were Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King, Blood Rage, Letters from Whitechapel, Cartoon Network Crossover Crisis, and Samurai Spirit. We give you our thoughts, critiques, and recommendations for each of these table top games.

Glenn’s Review

Isle of Skye: From Chieftain to King is a 2-5 player game from Mayfair Games that plays in around 30-60 minutes. Each player is the head of a clan who wants to build up their kingdoms to epic strength and productivness. You’ll need to build the land and work on securing the resources and finances to achieve your dreams of greatness. The replayability for this game is very high and well worth the pricetag.


New Thunderbirds Rpg And Accessories Available From Modiphius

The Thunderbirds board game now has an RPG companion. You can use the board game pieces to accompany your RPG experience, thanks to Modiphius. New missions await you with this companion game. You can be your favorite character and help save the world from all new disasters created by Hood. You’ll also get a Mission Generator Deck to help create these exciting campaigns. You will need the board game in order to use this expansion/addition.

Kickstarter Spotlight

Our spotlight shines on the new take of an old-school zombie genre setting. TOXICITY – I Am Zombie, by Make-Believe Games give you the opportunity to do a dungeon crawl themed zombie adventure. You’ll be able to go underground in this 70s themed New York City setting. This RPG uses the Axiom rules set. You’ll only need to pick five cards to create your character to traverse the rough and tumble world of the undead.

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