Mike Myler: Mists of Akuma – Adventure Party #48


Our guest is the award winning designer Mike Myler. He’s worked with companies like, Avalon Games, Fantasy Flight Games, Paizo Publishing to name a few. We wanted to discuss how Mike got into the business, some of the projects he’s worked on, what it’s like to win an ENnie, and get some advice on how you could work towards writing that supplement or creating that game you’ve often dreamed of.

You can find out more about Mists of Akuma at mistsofakuma.com. He’s not quite as active on his Facebook page but you can check that out under mike.myler. If you want to try out a cyberpunk setting using Pathfinder, check out Mike’s work on HyperCorps 2099 at hypercorps2099.com.

Glenn’s Review

Quadropolis is a quick playing family game for 2 – 4 players made by Days of Wonder. Your job is to build a booming metropolis. First, you need to lay out a 5×5 grid by picking out random tiles. You score points by building up residential buildings, shops, public services, parks, harbors, and factories. Parks gain more points if they are close to residential areas, and factories score more if they are close to shops and harbors. Suggested retial is around $50.



Paizo Releases Ultimate Intrigue Book For Pathfinder RPG

Would you like to be a fantasy themed vigilante? Perhaps you want to try playing a mesmerist, spiritualist or investigator? You’ll get to play with new magic items, feats, and skills. All of these things can add to your Pathfinder gaming group and allow you to try out some new themes. Also, the concept and rules of social combat are laid out for you. Some many new and exciting things for  you to try out.


Kickstarter Spotlight

The spotlight shines on our guest, Mike Myler’s game, Mists of Akuma. Enter a realm infused with the traditions of the East, a dying world where technology is heresy and the wounds of the past bleed still. Eastern mythology, steampunk, the supernatural, and dragons all exist in the same place. You need to navigate this fantastic land in the D&D 5th Edition rules framework. You’re in for a unique experience that has been created by our award winning guest, Mike Myler.



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