House Rules – Adventure Party #49


In this meeting of Adventure Party we discuss house rules used with board games and RPGs. There may be times when a group of people play and feel that the rules are lopsided, they want to make a game more challenging or make the game more interesting. That’s all well and good but everyone playing needs to be on board with the new set of rules. We discuss some house rules that we know of for Cult Express: Modified Belle Rules, AD&D: Racial Modifier Rules, and Monopoly: Free Parking. We feel that these are good examples of house rules but we’d like to hear your house rules. Email us at and tell us about rules you’ve used and enjoyed.

Glenn’s Review

Glenn’s discussed a game called Survive: Escape From Atlantis, this time around. You are on Atlantis on the fateful day it sinks beneath the waves. You must get as many of your people off the island before it is lost to the depths of the ocean. You’ll need to get your people on the boats but beware of sharks, sea serpents, and whales. It’s a fun 2-4 player game that lasts about 60 minutes. It’s easy to learn and is recommended for people ages 8 and up. That may make it a great addition to your game collection.


There is some great DLC content for Fallout 4. The first major bit of DLC is Far Harbor. They went all out creating a huge map and engaging content for this addition. The new creatures, deadly radiation fog, and waring factions on the island will keep you on your toes. You’ll need to solve a mystery with your old pal, Nick Valentine. Along the way you’ll discover some interesting things about The Institute and the Children of Atom. You’ll also get the opportunity to get a new companion and use some new weapons as well. We highly recommend getting Far Harbor for your copy of Fallout 4.

Kickstarter Spotlight

Our spotlight shines on the game Plague Inc. Not the video game version but the new board game version. You’ll have the opportunity to become a deadly disease looking to evole and infect the world. What countries will you infect? How will you grow? When will you become the most infectious plague to ever attempt to wipe out life on this planet? It’s all up to you to.


Big1975 wrote to us about episode 7 and our discussion with Pat Rothfuss. He feels that the Hero system may be the best one to make his world one that can be played in an RPG and makes a good point.

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