PDF vs. Print – Adventure Party #52


Glenn and I have a serious discussion about our RPG collection and the preference of PDF books versus print books. Do only older role-players like to run a game using a physical book? Is it just the newer generation of gamers who want a PDF version of their favorite RPG to view on a mobile device or laptop? Can an old RPG dog learn a new trick? Is a PDF more convenient or is it an obstacle? We have thoughts we’d like to share with you on this subject.

Glenn’s Review

Glenn reviews the board game called Escape From the Aliens in Outer Space. It’s a game for 2-8 players that runs about 30-45 minutes. Osprey Games put together an interesting game of stealth, deception, and flesh-eating aliens. The ship everyone is on has stalled out in space and the surviving crew members must try and reach the escape pod to win the game. No one knows who’s an alien or who is human but all of you must take a turn, draw a card, and give out a position on the map. Depending on the card you draw, you can be silent, lie about your position on the map or tell everyone where you are located. Will you make it out alive or be an alien’s next meal? Only one way to find out.



E3 2016: Fallout 4 Nuka-world DLC Lets You Player As A Raider

The long awaited announcement for the next bit of DLC was announced for Fallout 4. Glenn and I are enjoying the game and are looking forward to this massive addition to the Commonwealth. You’ll have the opportunity to be the leader of Raider gangs, take control of the Wastelands of Boston, and be ‘the bad guy’. You’ll also explore the history of Nuka Cola and the origins of Nuka-Cola Quantum. Like everything else in the Fallout mythos, there must be some dark tale involved in its creation.


Kickstarter Spotlight

The spotlight shines on the new game by the creator of the Awkward Yeti, Nick Seluk. That game is OrganATTACK! This card game supports 2-5 players. It’s kill or be killed as you attack your opponents organs while they attack yours. You also have cards that can block the incoming attacks. Will luck or strategy save your organs?


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