In The Mouth of Madness – PoT #86 (W/ Brett Ziebarth)


In The Mouth of Madness

This week we are joined by the mind behind the YouTube cartoon show Texas Tardigrades, Brett Ziebarth and this week we will be discussing 1994’s In The Mouth of Madness.  If you are like Matt and haven’t heard about or seen this movie yet, please consider using our Amazon affiliate link to purchase this film and give us a little kick back.  This helps to keep the show free, you can do that HERE

Sega CD classic game Night Trap is getting a the 25th anniversary remaster and re-release treatment.

Predator is getting pushed back to late summer of 2018.

The next season of MTV’s Scream is going to be a reboot of itself.

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Next week: We will be covering Scream with the creator and host of the Apex and The Abyss podcast.

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