Getting ready for Guardians 2 and Gucci is out of this world – Alien Invasion #218


A newly discovered exoplanet is so cold, you wouldn’t want to live there. What do extraterrestrials and Gucci have in common? And, we’ll reveal what state has the most UFO sightings. Our weekly sighting, along with the picks and warnings too, including prep work for Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 on this episode of The Alien Invasion podcast.


If you had to live on a planet that was either -100, or one that was 160F, 24 hours a day, which one would you choose?


Icy Earth-mass exoplanet is ‘colder than Hoth’

Gucci’s newest Instagram models are aliens

New book says California is the the UFO capital of America


Object seen over Manhattan 


Unsolved Mysteries Season 1, episode 10

Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2


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Opening theme – Alien Syndrome by Monkey Warhol

Closing theme – Be Water by Rettward von Doernberg

Disclaimer audio recorded by Ben Olson –

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Dave Nelson

Dave Nelson

Originally from Minnesota in the United States, Dave has lived all over.  He currently makes his home in Ottawa, Ontario Canada where he lives with his wife and stepdaughter.  Dave works as an on-air announcer at Boom 99-7 (CJOT.) One of his first sci-fi memories was that of watching Star Trek the original series in reruns on Sunday mornings so, as you can imagine, that made quite the impression and was one of the inspirations for founding the Galactic Netcasts network in 2011. You can hear Dave on The Alien Invasion, The SciFi Geeks Club and Weird World Weekly podcasts. Follow him on Twitter @davenelsonvoice