Scream – Podcast of Terror #87 (W/ Erika of The Apex and The Abyss)



We expand our growing guest base by crossing into the world of true crime podcasts by conning Erika from Apex and the Abyss ( to hang out.  We will be discussing the 1996, arguably classic, horror movie Scream. If you are one of four people in the world that have yet to see this movie, please consider using our Amazon Affiliate link here: This helps us out and keeps the show free!

Season 2 of Slasher has wrapped up.

Unearthed Films has announced a new ultimate edition directors cut of, A Serbian Film.

Mondo is releasing a board game for The Thing.

Next week, creator of Sylphvania Grove ( Rebekah Fieschi to discuss the classic horror film, Rosemary’s Baby.


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Matt Stein

Matt Stein

Is a Virgo who enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and thought provoking conversations.  His likes include; beer, black coffee, food, video games, music, and making people uncomfortable. My dislikes include; smokers, jokers, midnight poker players, and frozen peas.  He’s the host of Podcast of Terror and you can hear him regularly on The SciFi Geeks Club podcast, plus on every episode of Weird World Weekly.

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