Written PoT – The Audition Review

The Audition is an upcoming found footage film by director Anthony Raus starring Hollybeath Gourlay as The Actress, Jackson Trent as The Director, and Joel David Taylor as The Interviewer. The official release date is currently set for June 30th, 2017.

In a world that is currently over saturated with all forms of media it is certainly easy to over look a gem in a vast pile of shit.  I assure you that this is that gem.  Jackson Trent does an amazing job of portraying the Director and teetering on the line between artsy and completely fucking insane. The shots of the Director and the Interviewer throughout show just how far the Director is willing to go to get the shot he requires for his films while helping to break up the found footage aspect of the short.

The Audition definitely left me wanting more; More of the story shown here, more of Anthony’s work, more in general.  I personally am very excited to see Anthony’s past and future work based on what I saw in the short 20 minutes here and I suggest you get familiar with his name as it might become a house hold name in the horror industry before too long.

4/5 dead hookers


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