Friday the 13th 3 & 6 – PoT #89 (W/ Melissa Ann, Randy Greenback & Wes Keltner)


Friday the 13th

In honor of the release week of Friday the 13th: The Game we are joined by Melissa Ann, writer for one of our favorite news sites Horror Geek Life (, and executive producer for Friday the 13th: The Game (, Randy Greenback and co creator of the game, Wes Kelter, both of Gun Media ( We are discussing Friday the 13th parts 3 and 6 at length as well as a question and answer with Randy and Wes throughout the show about all things Friday the 13th: The Game! If you haven’t seen Friday the 13th 3 and 6 please consider using our Amazon affiliate links, this helps keep the show free for all of you! Lastly, you can join the Friday the 13th: The Game discord channel here:

Resident Evil the movie is getting remade/rebooted and no one is happy.

Wyrmwood is being made into a TV series and there are 7 minutes available online.

Horror Boards is a new board game that every horror fan will need.

Next week, we talk about the upcoming horror short by Anthony Raus called The Audition and also do a full spoiler review of The Void.


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