Babadook – Podcast of Terror #94



To cap off pride month we celebrate in the only way we know how; Offensively and using a horror movie as the icing on the cake.  Recent gay icon The Babadook is our choice for a movie this month given his recent spotlight at so many pride parades.  Seems legit, right? If you haven’t seen this movie please consider using our Amazon affiliate link to purchase it.  This helps keep the lights on here and the show free for you here:

If you’d like to know more on how the Babadook became a price icon, read that here:

Saw: Legacy has been renamed Jigsaw and given a Halloween release.

Unlikely duo of Eli Roth and Jack Black are set to adapt the children’s book ‘The House With a Clock in its Walls‘ into a movie.

Distrust‘ is a new survival game based on ‘The Thing’.  Demo available now.

Meet the Babadong!

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Matt Stein

Matt Stein

Is a Virgo who enjoys long walks on the beach, candlelit dinners, and thought provoking conversations.  His likes include; beer, black coffee, food, video games, music, and making people uncomfortable. My dislikes include; smokers, jokers, midnight poker players, and frozen peas.  He's the host of Podcast of Terror and you can hear him regularly on The SciFi Geeks Club podcast, plus on every episode of Weird World Weekly. You can follow Matt on Twitter and Instagram.