The New Jedi Archives – What Makes Star Wars… Star Wars?


This one’s a little more theoretical than anything. Zach and Ben come together once again to try and pin down what makes Star Wars great, what gives it the Star Wars feel. Disney has handled the property well so far, but is there anything they could do to lose the fans’ goodwill? What about the prequels? As divisive as they are, why didn’t they kill the series entirely? And, we address the big GL himself. How much of George’s success can actually be attributed to him? Download today and become a part of the conversation!

The New Jedi Archives is a comprehensive look at the Star Wars saga during all of its eras. Zach Hagenbucher is a fan from the very end of the Original Trilogy generation, and Ben Schultz is very much a part of that generation. New episodes drop every other Tuesday!

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