The New Jedi Archives – With A Rebel Yell, Season 1


Six of the galaxy’s greatest outcasts came together to form the (second) most notorious band of Rebels there are, and we’re finally talking about them. Zach and Ben dig in to Star Wars: Rebels, Season 1! Is Ezra actually the most annoying main character in all of Star Wars? Does Kanan hide his lightsaber to protect himself, or to avoid reality? Is Sabine a better representation of the Mandos than Boba Fett? (Hint: yes) Hear what we came up with and join the conversation by downloading today!

The New Jedi Archives is a comprehensive look at the Star Wars saga during all of its eras. Zach Hagenbucher is a fan from the very end of the Original Trilogy generation, and Ben Schultz is very much a part of that generation. New episodes drop every other Tuesday!

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