It’s back! The Double Jump crew has returned for another attempt at the best video game show you’re going to find. No corporate ties, no free codes, no “influencers,” no pressure. In this edition, the full panel reintroduces themselves to you, the listener, and gives their impressions on what they’ve been playing lately. Then, it’s the Main Event: why did the main gaming sphere reject Star Wars Battlefront II, and can it be saved? Download and join the first of many conversations!

Video games are like any other art form, they all mean something different to everyone. Whether it’s a ride on memory lane or a breakdown of the latest, you can count on the Double Jump to give you at least two different perspectives. Is one of them yours? Find out with new episodes guaranteed every other Monday! Featuring Zach Hagenbucher, Tucker Phillips, Christian Kobza, Kyle Matthews, Michael Frett, and Matt Bertram.

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