Nintendo has had a hell of a rebound from the dark days of the Wii U, with the Switch outselling the Wii U completely in less than a year after its release. It’s obvious that they’ve struck a chord, but do they know how to keep playing it? Zach, Tucker, Christian, and Matt all weigh in on their experiences with the Switch and whether or not Nintendo has a shot to make a real run of it. Plus, impressions of Monster Hunter: World, Star Wars Battlefront II, Batman: The Enemy Within, Iconoclasts, and more!

Video games are like any other art form, they all mean something different to everyone. Whether it’s a ride on memory lane or a breakdown of the latest, you can count on the Double Jump to give you at least two different perspectives. Is one of them yours? Find out with new episodes guaranteed every other Monday! Featuring Zach Hagenbucher, Tucker Phillips, Christian Kobza, Kyle Matthews, Michael Frett, and Matt Bertram.

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