On this weekly, magazine style show, host Dave Nelson covers sci-fi, fantasy, tech, gaming, science and more with news, interviews, panel discussions and other segments.





Comic Books, TV Shows, Movies, YouTube videos, Music. If you like any of these things then The ElseNerds is for you! Corey Scott and Gregor Sprague talk about the things they’ve enjoyed over the past week and tell you why you might like them as well.



Podcast of Terror


Host Matt Stein is joined by various friends  to discuss horror movies, TV shows, video games, attractions, or anything else considered to be scary.  Episodes will alternate between a movie review and the horror news of the week.






A podcast about games and gaming. Every week Brad and Glenn Randall take a look at the week’s news in RPG, LARPS, console, card and board games, plus highlight Kickstarters of games you should be aware of, and interview a guest about a topic involving some aspect of storytelling.




Alien Invasion Podcast Artwork 2015


This podcast covers everything related to extraterrestrials in the realm of sci-fi, science, pop culture and “real life.” Wherever aliens may be, Dave, Brad and Anessa talk about it with the week’s news, the “craft corner,” which is the spotlight of a certain kind of alien spacecraft and our entertainment picks.





Every week Matt and Dave talk about the strange, unusual or like it says in the title, the weird.  Each 15 minute episode could be from the realm of the paranormal, mythological, conspiratorial or something out of the “grab bag” category.  Listen to find out!



exploring the X Files podcast artwork


In 2016 a father and son set out on a journey of discovery. The father, the true believer, seeks to recapture the wonders of his youth. The son, the skeptic, has his doubts as to whether the old ways are best. Together they will dive deep into a world of mystery and intrigue. Join them as together they are Exploring the X-Files.



Who New and Review with Production of Galactic Netcasts 1400


Once a week Darryl Johnston reviews the latest Doctor Who episode.  During the off season he runs down the latest news and rumours from the world of Doctor Who.  




Galactic Gaming News Logo


Every week Ryan Murphy runs down the news and what’s new in the world of sci-fi and space based video games.





The Sci-Fi Survival Guide Cover Art


Exploring the survival techniques you will need should the unfortunate happen. Learn month by month on surviving alien invasion, what to do when the undead march into town, how to defend yourself from unexplained giant insects and many many more.




Mega Feed


In this feed you will get all of the podcasts that Galactic Netcasts has to offer.





Time Travelling Robots in Space 2015 Logo


On each episode of this podcast, Paul, Anessa and Dave discuss news items, movies, TV shows, video games, books and more, all related to time travel, robots and space in sci-fi and science.




SciFi Film School 2015 Logo


On every episode we watch a different sci-fi movie or TV show then discuss it. Sometimes they’re good. A lot of times the films are bad. Either way, we have fun talking about them.




Podcast Archives


Take a listen to some of our really old episodes, but first you might have to dust them off first.